Hemp-it-yourself is based on a semi-modular system that consists of six shapes, which can be mixed and matched together to later create objects with various heights, volumes and functions. With a shared circumference, each part can be used as a top or a bottom, and each made piece can be turned upside down.

The Hemp-it-yourself system teaches you how to make different side tables, coffee tables, stools, smaller podiums and table legs. In total it is possible to create more than 15 different shapes varying from low to high, from narrow to wide and serving various functions.The collection features voluminous shapes with a strong identity and a minimum of details, challenging what ecological materials mean and how they look like by creating a new, more contemporary aesthetics.

By opening up the production of furniture pieces and inviting everyone to join, Hemp- it-yourself enables a playful and fluid exploration of what furniture and design can be.