I like to call myself a trial-error person, although I do not always manage to carry out this role due to being extremely disciplined and detailed.

The notion of ‘agency’ is always central in my work, and goes in parallel with the re-definition of what we address as our ‘surroundings’. My field of interest lies at the intersection between architecture and radical ecologies, with a wish to, every once in a while, incorporate a sensorial and intuitive approach towards the subject matter. Until now, my projects have started with feeling – whether touching and understanding materials physically, living, talking or spending time with people who are active in the field of my new research or trying to experience what it is like to embody that of which I am about to deeply understand. 

Research plays a crucial part in my work – to lay a profound foundation for a concept or to understand the context and culture I have entered is necessary in order to make an impact. I value knowledge and understanding, I find empathy in design extremely important and I believe we can only be impactful and pursue our political and ethical responsibilities as designers when we are aware of the full spectrum. To be aware of this larger (global) context, one has to be curious.

I am fascinated to bridge the practices of research and design, so in a few years, I would like to call my body of work ‘a series of self-initiated thesis projects’. If you have ideas, proposals or experiences in attaining such a goal, please get in touch!