The city as we know it, is a rigid and regulated space, offering a specific sensorial experience. By introducing alternative spaces where the senses can take over and intuitively find a way
of understanding the surroundings, lood/tus aims to create a sanctuary for the mind, to momentarily escape the city and take a break.

A waterscape from Estonia – the bog – is translated into a basin, to bring the feeling of the place into the city & create a chance to unfocus, by focusing on water.

Combining stories (lood), nature (loodus) and hope (lootus) in a word play, lood/tus is a try to give the elements of nature a chance to grow with us in the city, and thus give hope for a possible and conscious co-existance of the two.


bronze gave me a lot of space to play – following the mentality of one material per object, but translating a landscape with such strong colour play, I could keep the inside dark and precisely textured, whereas the rim of the basin could be made golden, like the moss.

the inside of the basin is a cast of the texture of soil – to highlight the connection with earth in such a landscape, and bring in more variety in case the basin would be empty of water, or when looked at from a closer distance – the texture creates a feeling of depth.

© Hannah Segerkrantz 2019