Cambio – on Finnish forestry

Based on the Formafantasma’s ongoing research project Cambio, the latest exhibition titled “Cambio – on Finnish foresrty” is a work in collaboration with Artek, the Finnish furniture company.

Through the lens of Artek’s own manufacturing reality, the exhibition investigates the Finnish forest sector, how the extraction and use of timber in Finland have evolved over time and how the paper pulp industry has contributed to the design and management of forests and plantations.

For this project we collaborated with a series of experts and researchers in different fields in order to understand the local context and inform Artek’s future environmental agenda.

The exhibition was on show at the Helsinki Design Museum, from 10.06-28.08.2022.

I am happy to have worked on this project as a design researcher and exhibition developer as a part of Formafantasma.


Cambio – on Finnish forestry is an exhibition by Studio Formafantasma
photos: Paavo Lehtonen