Hikaru Dorodango is the Japanese art of making perfect spheres from mud. In Japanese, doro means mud and dango is a type of a round dumpling. Dorodango balls are created from clay rich soil, molded into spheres by hand, then dried and polished to a shine (hikaru directly translates to shining).

The clay sphere workshop, inspired by the technique of dorodango, is a meditative gathering during which to let your hands guide the process and ease into making without needing to arrive to a final outcome. The technique is easy and accessible to learn and does not require any previous knowledge about clay or ceramics.

The workshop lasts for around 4 hours minimum, but can also be divided over two days for a slower process. 

If you would like to organise a workshop / circle for your team, university, exhibition opening, retreat, or else, get in touch via hannahsegerkrantz@me.com!

photos: Kati Saarits & Hannah Segerkrantz 
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